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Job Opportunities

The law firm is committed to constucting platform to provide good services and good development space for lawyers.

Job requirements:

A、the long-term recruitment of outstanding lawyer, welcome to join us.

1、good characters, Willing to work in the legal profession for a long time;

2、 cooperate and have team spirits;

3、Good at litigation and arbitration or construction engineering related experience, knowledge is preferred.

B、 the assistants. We provide good development and promotion channels for assistants!

Job requirements: 

1、good characters, know about the lawyer field and willing to develop in the law undertaking long-term and sincerely;

2、 have good knowledge and skills about the lawyer fields;

3、good at learning, able to work earnestly.

C、Company legal personnel recruitment to meet and enhance the service requirements of the legal counsel units

job requirements:

1、Have strong interesting in the corporation management and legal affairs;

2、Have the baisc knowledge for the corporation legal affairs;

3、Good business abilities and manage abilities.

If you want please send your personals to the, please notify the position!

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