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Brief introduction of Guangdong Mao wen law firm
     Guangdong Maowen Law Firm is a modern specialized law firm. The business department includes Litigation and Arbitration Department, Legal Counsel and Financial Department, Maritime Commerce and Foreign Affairs Department, Construct and Mineral Resources Department, Intellectual Property Department. The Legal Counsel and Financial Department is an important department, mainly providing professional legal counsel and financial legal services for enterprises.
     Guangdong Maowen Law Firm is composed of legal teams with elites. Maowen Liao, director lawyer, Guoyu He, deputy director lawyer both have nearly 20 years experience in practice. Maowen Liao is master of law of Sun Yat-sen University and Guoyu He is master of law of Nankai University. They are knowledgeable and well experienced. Truly team service and team fighting are our features and advantages! Our elite teams have solved many difficult problems for the customers and clients, and have gained wide recognition and praise from the society.

     We observe and focus on current politics, economy and industry world wide,analyze them with professional perspective of legal person, regularly push electronic journals and legal information to customers and related social units or people. With the internet+ we provide truly professional,systematic and platform legal service.      Guangdong Maowen Law Firm is dedicated to the Profession, Dedication and Diligence, provide professional,efficient and high-quality legal services for the society.
Elite team and team elite
Liao mawen lawyer
Law firm director

      Co-founder of Guangdong Maowen Law Firm, nearly 20 years experience of lawyer practice, rich experience, Master of law of Sun Yat-sen University, Bachelor of engineer of Central South University, knowledgeable, expertise of enterprise management consulting association of Guangdong province, senior expertise combined with the law, management, finance and tax, and construction engineering; The working language includes Chinese, English and Cantonese.He can provide foreign legal services and has provided a large number of foreign legal services and is a member of Chinese foreign lawyer.
Guangdong Maowen law firm litigation arbitration team
           ——"Practical skills and superb programme design"
      Litigation and Arbitration Department of GuangdongMaowen Law Firm is an elite team built by founder lawyerMaowen Liao. Under his guidance and lead, a large number oflitigation and arbitration cases have been completed every yearwith high efficiency and high quality and high victory ratio. In long-term processing of various kinds of litigation andarbitration cases, we get the case handling skills for efficient andaccurate solutions to disputes and cases, including the caseanalysis from multi actors and aspects, game winner chart,project design and strategy choice, try all the chance and waysetc.
     Through practice, these skills are sufficiently proved to bescientific and practical. The team service with the hold lawyerresponsibility and the collective research system is also theadvantage and characteristic of the Litigation and ArbitrationDepartment, full taking use of the collective wisdom.
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