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 ★ Legal Advice  The daily management and operation for the enterprise to provide comprehensive oral legal advice or written legal consultation
☆ labor laws and regulations consulting, salary policy advice, labor injury and social security consulting; ☆ all kinds of contracts consultation, all kinds of creditor's rights and debt handling consulting; ☆ industry and commerce, finance, taxation, customs law consulting; ☆ trademark, patent, professional technology, copyright and other intellectual property rights law consulting; ☆ other legal advice.

 ★ Legal Investigation  For enterprise management, business, litigation, implementation, decision-making and other matters such as provided in accordance with the survey services
☆ survey enterprise registration; ☆ survey enterprise credit condition; ☆ survey the financial situation of enterprises; ☆ other aspects of the legal investigation.

 ★ Legal Training  Provide specail train for the selectively specific people with the enterprise requirements
☆ contract law training; ☆ corporation law training; ☆ labor law training; ☆ civil law, criminal law, the basic law knowledge training; ☆ trademark law, copyright law, patent law and other intellectual property laws and regulations training; ☆the special training related to and characteristics of the enterprise or business
 ★ Case Attorney  When enterprise in litigation, arbitration and non-litigation affairs, providing complete and comprehensive agency services
☆ enterprise creditor's rights debt disputes; ☆ enterprise trademark, patent and other intellectual property rights disputes; ☆ enterprise labor, labor injury and social security disputes; ☆ enterprise equity disputes; ☆ industry and commerce, labor, taxation, customs, intellectual property administrative ?disputes; ☆ other disputes.
 ★ Special Legal Services  According to the specific requirements of the enterprise, to provide special services
☆ to provide a full range comprehensive legal services of financing, restructuring and listing, division, merger and bankruptcy, liquidation, cancel etc; ☆ enterprise custody; ☆ others.
 ★ Legal Policy Information  Offer all kinds of relevant legal policy information and give comments on and remind according to the judicial department and government department's dynamic real-time conditions; each quarter to provide a professional enterprise legal adviser special edition, magazines and other related legal information to assist enterprises to improve the legal consciousness and management level.
 ★ Foreign-related Legal Services  Provide consulting, planning and project consultant and so on the whole legal services for enterprises to develop overseas business.
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