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Brilliant legal counsel business
1. The legal adviser of the service has many broad categories.After many years of accumulation and cultivation, we are currently in service nearly two hundreds of consultant unit, there are state-owned enterprises, business association, of all kinds enterprise, village, rc, government departments and institutions, in guangzhou, foshan, jiangmen, qingyuan, shenzhen, dongguan, Shanghai, jiangxi and other places, including the fourth China chemical construction company, China building industrial materials center for geological exploration team in Guangdong, the Guangdong architectural academy of sciences, industrial gas association of Guangdong province, guangzhou zhongtian construction co., LTD....
2. Enterprise legal affairs are high and full coverage: When the enterprise is established, we shall design the equity ratio, rules of procedure, rules of procedure, establish rules, establish the system, and let the enterprise win the starting line. In 2011, we participated in the establishment of Guangdong hanyu aluminum company, which has become a group company of aluminum industry, and the development momentum is booming.
Take care of the growth of the enterprise and escort it. Our consultant team visits our consultants regularly every month to care and serve our business in a variety of ways. The listing of financing, do big and strong. It is a legal professional member of guangzhou equity trading center and has extensive exchanges and cooperation with securities companies, Banks and other financial institutions. The best way to do it is to rise to the top. Under the financial crisis in 2008, Guangdong electric company to do the traditional processing and wholesale business and strife-torn, we assess the situation to the disintegration of peace and termination of the original with the original business, grasp the electric business new opportunity, help them realize the luxuriant turned, become the most popular electricity and venture capital. Interactive customer service, like a tiger. Through the internal network (LAN), a website (Internet), BBS, WeChat public law number, micro sites and WeChat service group, realize the interaction with customers and achieve the systematic, professional, platform of services. To be a strong partner. We have established a good cooperative relationship with many professional service organizations, such as high and new technology certification, enterprise quality management system certification, environmental rating assessment, etc.
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