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★ Service plan and way
The first Month: know about the unit Mainly to understand the basic situation of consultant unit, including the company history (manner, past failure case and successful experience), the company's state of operation, management structure, the department structure, business process, etc.; Copy the company business license, tax registration materials. The second and third month: Mainly deal with problems left over by history Deal with problems left over by history on the thorough understanding of the company, put forward the proposal about the improvement for the company's internal management and control; Comb the problems left over by history, key to resolve outstanding legal problems; Ensure? the company's clear run The fourth and fifth month: Standard contracts   Collect all kinds of contracts text (including labor contract, purchase and sales contract, processing contract, import and export business contract, etc.). According to the collected contract texts, and combined with the actual situation of the company,study and analyze them and then better them; To assist in the development of standard contract forms The sixth month: Half year conclusion Do the analysis, research together with consultant unit for the problems occurred in the first half year, sum up the past and look into the future, and do the corresponding adjustment for the service mode. The seventh month: Labor law train According to the company's labor problems, combined with the company's actual labor disputes, appoint professional lawyerto do the in-depth analysis of relevant laws; Guide the company to sign labor contract. The eighth and ninth month: Assist to perfect rules and regulations Based on the overall operation of the company, find out the defects, seek the perfect plan activate the energy of each unity; Supplement and ?perfect company rules and regulations, establish effective and incentive restraint mechanisms, and seek the company benefit maximization. The tenth month: Law train for the first line staffs Provide law train for the first line marketing staffs by the professional lawyers with corresponding education background and experiences in view of thedifferent situations , and improve company legal consciousness from whole. The eleventh month: advice on the tax According to tax withholding pay and the problems of the tax assignment the professional lawyers explaain and dialysis how to legally tax and how to maximize tax preferential, in order to achieve the purpose of legal tax saving. The twelfth month: The year-end report and comprehensive evaluation Review the whole year's service and ask the consultant unit to make comprehensive evaluation for the service quality and working methods; At the same time give professional overall evaluation for the consultant unit status quo; And resume the consultant contract for the next year after the agreement witb the service content.
 ★ Service way: "The specialist is responsible, dedicates to cooperate, unified management"
☆ Appoint a lawyer to provide targeted legal services to the enterprise less legal affairs; Appoint a lawyer to provide legal consultancy service professional lawyer; And according to the enterprise legal affairs of ease and requirements, arrange the lawyer regular work time (such as once every two weeks) to the site office.
☆ Consultant team: Appoint a team with two lawyers and a lawyer assistant to provide legal consultancy services for the enterprise more legal affairs;Lawyers are responsible for specific legal work, assistant is responsible for routine work.
☆ Resident lawyer: Appoint resident lawyer to the enterprise that has many legal affairs and large scale with the reasonable payment; assistant to deal with the daily legal affairs.
☆ Group service: Usually, foreign companies, foreign investment enterprises, domestic companies may signed legal consultant contract the core company; And we could provide unified comprehensive legal service for the whole group (generally refers to have equity relationship affiliates).
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