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★ Why do you want to hire a professional legal adviser team?
A. Enterprises have to face the law affairs in the day-to-day operations.Law is a sword,When you hold the handle,it may be used to protect yourself from hurt;On the contrary you may be hurt easily.Then how to use the law sword? Of course it needs the professsional team and the service.It is just the remedial measure when the problems need the litigation to resolve.The litigation will not bring profits but just recover the wealth if the litigation gets the best result.  B. In the competitions there are many legal risk and traps such as the contract decieve or the illegal transition or the infragement or the labor disputes or the abused powe.…….These risk and traps may threaten the health of the enterprises all the time. And it maybe bring the ruin disaster.The professional legal consultant team could build the legal firewall to runout the virus that maybe disable the enterprises. And it may help the enterprises  to prevent the legal risk  and traps and to deal with the legal problems.  C. With the professional service from the team the enterprises could get the profits and deal witht he problems by the buisness negotiation and the contract ma nagement and the bankrapcy etc.  D. To hire a professional team as the legal consultant is the important and main way for the enterprises to get the leagl management. The advantages are:
1. Get the professional and comprehensive and integrative law service when something happened;  2. Provide pertinency and veracity service according to the characters of the enterprises because of the long term contact and understand;  3. Deal with the affairs efficiently in the work because of the long term cooperation and co-understand.The long term service could inspire the team and lawyers to provide the better and better service for the enterprises;  4. There are many new problems in the development of the enterprises. Some are tough nuts. But the legal consultant could deal with them reasonaly and easily. Of course the professional legal consultant team could do more for the enterprises; 5. The professional legal consultant team could promot the business in the transaction.According to Chinese tradition the commerce transaction or business are always come out with the rule --friends frist and then cooperation.But it is unwilling for them to talk about the profits details. So the legal consultant may give help and give both way. it is good to the tansaction and the feelings.
       Excellent legal consultant could take use the knowledge and skills according to the concrete conditons of the enterprises and help them to get most profits.The excellent legal consultant is just like the hands of he enterprise and could get rid of the obstacles for the enterprises. So the enterprises may get more chance and time!

 ★ How to resovle the worries from the enterprises?
A.How about the accoplishment of the lawers? To most the entrepreneurs one business lost could be remedy,one litigation defeated may not be fatal.But the life should be no a little risk! Our appointed lawyers are fit and excellent:  1. First to avoid the disputes and litigations or arbitrations with the best; 2. Secondly,to deal with the disputes and litigations with the most suitable and efficiency ways when the disputes are inevitable; 3. Most important of all they are keen on the criminal risk and guarantee the entrepreneurs.
B.Lawyers could not be with always?
It is understandable to have such ideas for the clients.But the characters of the lawyer work decided that the lawyer (especially the famous lawyer)could not only service one.
We provide comprehensive legal consultant service just like the lawyer is always with you: 1. Provide efficiency service witht the call and the fax and the net and other methods;2.The consultant group provide the service. And the customer may contact the members always. All members will open the e-mail and net to provide information and service.
C.The consultant lawyer is on business?
No matter how a lawyer work hard it is also possible to meet the emergency but the lawyer is in outside.How to do? We advocate the team spirits and we are united law firm.We could appoint the fit lawyers for the enterprises on time.
D.How to avoid the legal risk from the essence? It needs the regulary run of the enterprise and the perfect regulations. But it is still need the professional team to help. We provide the legal train for the staffs. This may be doomed in the contact and we will appoint the suitable lawyers to train.
 ★ About the fee
1. Estimated time fee: estimate the work time for a year and pay them advantaged.  2. Scoped fee: according to the sorts and scope of the lawyer work to pay; 3. Sign fee: if no number before the work then give some basic fee first; And get the account in the end.

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